Love Your Neighbour as Yourseslf.

Happy Sunday Peeps!

The other day we were watching Bishop Michael Curry’s message from the Royal Wedding (again) and, as I’m sure you all know, his sermon was on loving one another.

Anyone who has ever come across Christianity will probably have heard this verse from the gospels where Jesus commends:

I have a few observations about this beautiful scripture and I want to share with you.

  1. Neighbour means everyone. Starving children in Africa, literal neighbours in your street and even the colleague you’re not keen on.
  2. These 2 commands include the 10 of the Old Testament. People often preach Christianity from the New Testament only. While the faith did begin with following Christ and the New Covenant, people often forget He was brought up Jewish. The Old Testament is just as relevant and these 2 commands prove it; the 10 given to Moses can all be fitted into these 2 categories. Example: “Have no other gods before Me” is loving God and “do not steal” is loving and respecting others.
  3. Love Yourself. I’m sure it comes last in this statement so we don’t feel pampered and self-important, but we still need to do it. When we were talking it over the other evening, we all agreed that people don’t show much love in modern society, but that may not be that they are less conscious of it, perhaps they’re just more in demand by work and family and other issues in life. Maybe we don’t love ourselves and so don’t know how to look after others! Think about it, if you don’t eat all day because your work deadline invades your lunch break, why would you think about people who haven’t eaten all day. If you’re physically, emotionally and mentally drained how are you going to give support to others…you can’t pour water from an empty jug.

So I guess I’m saying you have to take care of you as well. Not instead, but at the same time. Try to adjust some things that drain you, change your routine and improve your sleep pattern; you’ll be amazed at the time and energy you then have to do all you need to for yourself, family and your neighbours.

Thanks for listening, let me know your thoughts.

God bless,

Anna x


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