Summer Recipes I Want To Try…

How-do Peeps!

This is one of my first recipe collections from last year. I was looking for some summery recipes and I want to do all of these again, so I thought I’d share this once more for those (like me) who had totally forgotten it…or are newbies who haven’t seen it yet. (Hi newbies by the way! Thanks for coming ūüôā )

So I’ll leave you to drool over these gorgeous summer recipes.

Anna x


There are soooo many great recipes out there on websites, blogs and TV, so here’s a few I think I may have to try!

1. First on the list has to be¬†what’s for dinner moms¬†tons of awesome recipes there but these two are definitely going on this list:

Slow Cooker Corn Dip¬†I’m a huge fan of anything slow cooker at the moment…and who doesn’t like dip?!

Chilli Cheese Dog Pizza¬†…I mean does anything in that title¬†not grab your taste buds??


2. Andrea at Cooking With A Wallflower is another blog I regularly read and the other day she came up with this gorgeous post : Tomato, Basil & Mozzarella Tart  literally drool every time I see the picture!


3. Biscuits and Ladles is yet another blog I adore. The other day they posted this gorgeous coleslaw recipe ready for summer!


4. Couldn’t do a post on food without mentioning the amazing¬†Pioneer Woman¬†Ree, she’s my hero. Really love the Mexican style food she does and sooooooo need to get around to making her Tres Leches Cake, so I have something sweet for after my Mexican meals!


Other places worth checking for recipes are:- Money Saving Mom¬†particularly if you like to make ahead and freeze meals.¬†Lorraine Pascale¬†does amazing desserts (and healthy meals, so you can have the cake guilt-free! ūüėČ ) and for everyday stuff, you can’t beat¬†All Recipes¬†because there is such a vast array of ideas and contributors, you can find almost anything.


So I’m going to be busy in the kitchen! How about you? ūüôā x


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