Financial Patience

Howdy Peeps!

My idea of financial patience, until recently, was saving up for something and waiting to buy it….while this is excellent practice (and something we’re currently doing) but it’s not what I’m talking about today.

I love scrimping and budgeting and the Mathematical side of running a home (I know it seems sad but it really helps reap the rewards) BUT I’m trying hard not to get irritated at the moment.

Not because of scrimping and stuff, but because of change. I like to know what budget I’ve got to work with and over the last 6 weeks (ish) there have been lots of changes. I think they’re all positive changes- certainly enjoying my new job- but it’s still lots of doing and re-doing of budget sheets.

We’ve had work changes, utility provider changes (and subsequent changes of amounts and billing dates) tax credit changes and hours changes. It’s been a fun/interesting time and I wanted to share how we cope with it (hope this helps when you next have a financial change):

  1. Be aware it could be coming, change happens.
  2. Do some sums: Best and worst case scenarios will give you a good idea of the income and expense(s) that might change and by how much
  3. Check your facts: Benefits can be checked on tax codes and thresholds are all explained on the Gov website.
  4. Check your own budget: know if there’s any wiggle room (things you can move, leftover cash etc). For example, our water rates are paid at the beginning of the month when we both get paid but aren’t due until 21st, so if we need to we can use that and pay it back later on (before 21st obviously, don’t get behind).
  5. Save: If you can afford to keep the amount back it will change by (given to you by one or more of the first 3 steps) then do it. If not, just save back as much as you can towards it,


These steps help us to stay calm and in control. I hope this helps you too.

Anna x


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