Don’t Stay In School…?

Howdy Peeps!

My daughter showed me this video going around YouTube and social media that’s getting a lot of interest from pupils and educators alike and I wanted to share it with you.

Obviously, I don’t agree with the title- but I don’t think the lad singing does either. He makes some excellent points; listen to the lyrics and we’ll discuss it in a minute.


I was shocked. We have often said about the financial education thing (mortgages and debt, etc.) but as a parent and teacher, IT NEVER CROSSED MY MIND to talk about human rights and such: I was taught them at school and assumed my daughter would be (especially now that they teach more about equal rights and prejudice than they did when I was at school). However, when we sat and talked about the Human Rights Act, I realised I only learned it in my A-Level Philosophy & Ethics classes, so if you didn’t take that or Law as options, you might not ever be taught them!

Another point of his that we discussed (at length) was the getting advice after something’s happened… He gives the examples of being told not to get pregnant but not what to do if you already are, and for smoking/taking drugs; they say ‘don’t’ but don’t tell them how the rehab process works or about watching their drinks when they’re out.

We need to act. This brilliant young man makes an awesome point; we need to talk to our children about these things and change the focus in schools to give them a real-world education.

Powerful stuff. I just had to share.

Anna x


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