New Goals

Howdy Peeps!

I said a little while back that I upped my goal for followers to 250 for the year, well we’ve got to 249! So any day now I’ll hit my target for the year…it’s JUNE! I can’t quite take it in that 250 people want to read what I write, Thank you so much! But I also know how blogs work and build momentum, so………..New goal starts today: 300 by New Year.

Other goals include my weight loss (story of my life). As you probably know, I’m trying to lose 2stone (28lbs/12.7kgs) for my cousin’s wedding; done 11lb so far. 🙂 I realise that the wedding will not be my end goal weight-wise so have set myself a new goal for next spring so I can take my daughter to Alton Towers!!

Love the place, but never been with her. Now she’s adult-sized she can go on everything. I’m a little conscious of rides with restrictive seats and harnesses, so it’s a good incentive for weight loss (inch-loss I suppose would be more accurate, but they come together).

So I’m fired up and ready to hit those new targets. What are your goals?? Good luck with them, whatever they are x

Anna x

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