The Beginning of the End

Morning Peeps!

It’s getting exciting around here!

In just a few short weeks we’ll break up for the summer holidays! The Exam-takers are in the process of leaving this week… the prom season is upon us!

I had a conversation with my daughter that went something like “There are no normal Fridays in July, so you only have 2 Fridays left of school.”

They have activity days and trips and sponsored walks and a day off when small people come to look around their new school. There’s also sports day and end of term assessments.

If your child (or an adult you know who works in a school) comes home grumpy and exhausted, it may be just the end-of-term feeling. (Obviously, talk to them in case it’s bullying or something, but most cases will just be tiredness.) Go easy on them.

Any tutor/music teacher or other activities’ leader will give a finish date, often before the end of term…there will be fun lessons and activities, disruption to schedules and general chaos.

The good news though is that as each thing ends the pressure is lifted; there’ll be more free time and fun (less homework and responsibilities) and the taste of summer is ever-closer.

Try not to stress but enjoy these last few weeks; go easy on the extra events and check the calendar well in advance!

Have fun!

Anna x


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