Recipe Pit-Stop

Yo Monday Peeps, Let’s do this thing!

There are sooooooooooo many great recipes around I just had to share some.

Y’all know I love a good quiche…this one from Andrea (at Cooking with a Wallflower) is filled with yummy spinach…defo on my menu!

I’ve recently discovered Elsie LMC and she shared these easy, but pretty, pancakes. More ideas to try! 🙂

Possibly the most magical words ever: Peanut Butter Swirl Brownies (found on Simply Recipes)….what wouldn’t you love about that?! “Yes please, I’ll take 3!” 😉

So I’ve given you a few ideas and pointed you to new sites to find even more recipes…i hope you have fun finding new and exciting munchies!

Anna x


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