An Interesting Day

Howdy Peeps!

I’m excited!

It’s a beautiful, sunny day!

Today is a special birthday for my mummy-in-law (we’re going out for Sunday lunch with like a dozen other f&f, so that’ll be good)!

I have family popping in for lunch, so it’ll be nice to see them too.

Tonight is Ladies night at church (food and a movie) so I get yummy food, great company (the gorgeous Hugh Jackman on the big screen) and, by default of getting the yummy food, a night off cooking…sorry Mr.B you’re on your own. 😉

Also, I’m finally starting to feel better (after like 3 weeks!) Yay!

So please forgive the self-indulgent blog post, I just wanted to share this lovely Friday…I hope yours is fab too!

Anna x

PS It’s National Cream Tea Day…it’d be rude not to! 😉


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