God Is Good ALL The Time

Howdy Peeps!

I haven’t watched the film God’s Not Dead for a year or two, but this quote stays with me. A pastor says “God is good all the time” and his friend responds “all the time God is good”. They use it to encourage one another in times when they are unsure of the future and can’t see what to do next.

About a week ago I wrote the post Balancing the Books, in which I said we were a bit better off this month. Well, we’ve had a couple of things crop up that could jeopardise that, so we’ve tried to stay calm and rational… Not worrying is a conscious choice and some serious effort; still working on it!

So we did what we could and left the rest to God. We had a plan in place (but didn’t need it in the end). The quote above has sprung to mind more than once.

Yesterday everything worked out and we had more than we thought (as I said in last week’s post). So, even though it didn’t happen the way we thought, God has provided for us and choosing not to worry was the right thing to do.

Just thought I’d share to encourage you if you’re planning your finances.

Have a great weekend.

Anna x


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