1st July

Hellooooo Peeps!

(Putting the date as the title, I was kinda tempted to start with “Captain’s Log Star-date 20180107″….but thought it’d put off any non-Trekkies because I’m not talking sci-fi today.)

So, being 1st July, we’re on the home-stretch; the latter half of the year.

What does that mean to you? To me, it means a good time to take stock, so here are the things I’ll be checking/cleaning/sorting:

  • Finances: Is the income enough? Does the work it comes from change soon (hours or place of work)? Are we on-target for financial goals/savings?
  • Are we prepared… for emergencies? For known events (weddings, day trips, back to school)?
  • Is my weight on track? Onward battle, progress but not as much as I’d like; when I’m fully better I’ll up the exercise (at least I have a plan in place…that’s a start).
  • Is there any junk to sort/find a new home for/get rid of? (The answer is always yes…off to the dump on Monday, eBay or Charity shop for the rest.)
  • Is there anything needed/needs replacing? Again this will be a yes. We prioritise the list and get stuff as we can afford it.
  • Stock levels: I keep birthday wrap, gift bags, cards and children’s gifts… I knew my stocks were low so I went and raided B&M/Poundworld and got 3 different rolls of wrap (all gender-neutral, one is also not birthday-specific so I can use it for babies/anniversaries, etc.) and a roll of cello-wrap, which I didn’t need but it was on sale in Poundworld- will probably save it for Christmas. I also got a handful of cheap cards because I like to make cards, but don’t always have time/know about the occasion until the last minute…spares are useful.
  • Kitchen sort-out: (Hate this one but try to do it at least once between spring clean and Christmas clean, so might as well be now) I go through all pantry items (check sell-by dates/packaging condition…reorganise what’s left) and I check cookware for damage/loss and clean the cupboard/reorganise.
  • Finally, I start my descent into madness…Christmas is fully on my brain! We still have enough time to plan and save but summer is a great time to start picking up odd bits… gifts in summer sales or stores clearing out last year’s Christmas stock (Recently, I picked up wrap, cards, tags, bows and a couple of token gifts…none of which were more than a pound!)


So what goals/savings/progress do you check mid-year? I’d love to know.

See you later!

Anna x


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