The School Week Ahead

Howdy Monday Peeps!

Unless you attend a private school or Further Education College, most pupils in the UK are still at school for another week or two, but things are starting to draw to a close.

Year 6 pupils in particular will be a bit edgy this week as SATs results are released tomorrow (I’m sure they’re getting later…?). If you have a child who has taken SATS (year 6, but possibly also years 2 and 9) then please read my post SATs Test Results and remind them that these results are not a matter of life and death.

For those who take music lessons through school (with a peripatetic teacher) This week or next will be the last this term. Same goes for sports and after-school clubs…it really is beginning to feel like the end of term.

If your offspring need anything for clubs, end of term gifts or to had work/books in on their last lessons you may need to be thinking about those things now. The teenager, for example, has a two-week timetable at her school and there are lessons they only get once or twice a fortnight. We also have no Fridays left on timetable, sports day and a band activity so there are 4 days she won’t really have lessons at all!

So be prepared, these last=minute things are upon us!

As a side-thought, if you haven’t started thinking about the return in September, now may be a good time: I hauled a load of discounted stationery from Pound World the other day- get in while you can before they close down!

I hope your week is a blessed one.

Anna x

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