Morning Peepy Peep-Peeps!

Sorry, I’m sleep deprived and therefore crazier than usual…but it sounds cute though; like little birdies….I digress…

Seriously though, I want to talk to you about Peace. God wants us to have it and a lot of us don’t.

There are lots of kinds of peace and all of them good for us, but we have to learn it.

  1. Peace in a quiet space: For me, it’s out on the coast…either up on the green path or by the beach railings (where my beach hut picture was taken). It could be with a book or just some time alone… just learning to appreciate those times will make you peaceful and rested.
  2. Peace with a decision: Firstly, is the decision legal? Is it morally right? Have you thought about the pluses and minuses? Talked it through with someone? Prayed about it? If yes to all those, then it’s probably just nerves, which leads to…
  3. Peace from Faith: Possibly the hardest one to learn, but again, you can practice it. If you are nervous/worried over something (a decision, someone you love travelling a long way, a test) then give it to God: He can be in places we can’t (with the traveller, in the test room). Someone once said to me that if you find an appropriate verse in the bible for the situation and proclaim it over them. For example; that God promises us He won’t harm us but give us a hope and a future (Jer. 29:11) or that He promises never to leave us (Deut. 31:6)… Good to proclaim over someone’s safety.  The great thing nowadays is that there are books, websites, apps for bible study. You can literally Google “Bible verses for [whatever you’re worried about]” and it’ll tell you!

We’re meant to have peace, not fear and chaos and hectic modern living. It just takes practice, but God knows we’re all still learning so it’s cool; just start.

Have a lovely day/weekend.

Anna x


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