Summer Treats and Budgeting

Hi-de-hi Peeps!

I heard on the radio the other day that the average family spends £5000 in the summer holidays!….WHAT?! This included a holiday and several day trips as well as toys, ice creams, etc.

I’ve never spent five grand on anything in a year ever! If you’ve got the budget to do so, then there’s nothing wrong with it…but how many families are spending this on credit??

So here are my debt-free summer ideas, to help you avoid that £5k price tag:

Summer Plans

Holiday Budget

10 Cheap or Free Ways to Entertain the Kiddos!

Year-Round Budgeting

Check your budget

Travel With Kids


As a side note, we can’t afford a big holiday abroad this year, but if you book in the lesser holidays (like October, Easter and May half term, then a static caravan (or similar) can be done cheaply. Book a few summer nights in a Premier Inn or something….all stuff we’ve done before and loved; it doesn’t have to kill your budget. We’ve just booked a 4 day October half term deal 🙂

Happy budgeting peeps, see ya later!

Anna x


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