School Holidays! :)

Happy Friday Peeps!

If you haven’t done so already, many schools will break up today for summer! 🙂 Even though we don’t until Tuesday, it’s all fun stuff from here onwards: the teenager is doing a sponsored walk today and bad performance Monday and half day/assembly Tuesday.

So as it’s (practically) the end of term, here are a few tips for the summer:

  1. Stay Safe, read my Stay Safe This Summer post.
  2. Plan some treats, even cheap or free ones, so you know when you’re busy and when you can have people over/have a PJ day/have to work etc. It helps with the budget, the boredom and helps avoid disappointments.
  3. Whilst budgeting, think about school supplies and such for going back (more on this soon…watch this space)
  4. If a child (or even a young adult in Further Education) is starting a new school, do a dummy run of the route for timing and safety.
  5. Last but not least, know what’s expected on the first day back: Know when it is and what you will need that day, how you’ll get there and any other arrangements (like who will be collecting them if they’re too young to walk alone and such).

Depending on your child (and how excited-or not- they are about going back) this can be done now, at the end of the holidays or a bit each week.

When our daughter started at the school here, we did all the timed run and new rules etc. Now she knows how it works, I just buy the stuff she needs as we go through the holidays to spread the cost, but try to not talk about school until the last bit (unless out shopping for it) so she can relax and forget about it.

Do what works for you, have a happy and safe summer xx

Good luck to those who are leaving their school for the next stage in their lives!

Anna x


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