Bible Study

Morning Peeps!

I always want to read more of my Bible; I want to know God better and feel it’s right to do so, but in everyday life, time to sit and read is a rare thing.

I start these big study guides or reading plans and never manage a month. Something stops me one day and then I get out of routine.

I figured some Bible was better than none, so I began by getting a verse of the day to my email from 🙂 I highly recommend doing that, it’s just a great reminder each day that God is with you (even when you’re reading emails) and some of the verses really make you stop and think.

I decided recently I need baby steps in Bible study, just like with my weight and savings. So rather than say I’m going to read x number of books by this date, I’ve set myself a single chapter a day. That’s achievable, even at bedtime…also, if I want to read on I can and I’m not out-of-sync with any daily plan or whatever.

It’s really straightforward, it’s doable and I can build on it.

Just thought I’d share in case you want to try it too.

Enjoy your Sunday!

Anna x



3 thoughts on “Bible Study

  1. Hey, Anna! I can definitely relate. My routine can be so easily sidetracked. If you don’t already have a planned method for your chapter a day, I hope I can make a suggestion. I have a daily scripture book from called “examining the scriptures daily.” At one point I would read the chapter that day’s scripture came from. It gave me context and it was nice and easy – I didn’t have to decide what to read! Maybe that’s a little project you could do with your email service if you ever need a new study plan. Props to you for trying to get in a little time each day! Even 15 minutes can make all the difference.

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