Weight/Inch Loss Update

Morning Peeps!

Just a quick blog to tell you all how I’m getting on…I promised I would.

In Take 2 last week I told you that I was trying a YouTube fitness video that claimed 1-2″ loss in 7 days….well it worked!!

In the last 7 days the only exercise I’ve done is Lucy’s video and walking (which I do anyway). I had a sensible 1500kcal food intake, but not severely strict.

I lost 1.25lbs, 2 inches from ‘natural waist’ and 1.5 inches from hips! I’ve also discovered loads more of her videos.

I have now added another video for this week as 7 minutes is much easier now…so I added this from yesterday:

You can follow Lucy Wyndham-Read on YouTube and all social media and I highly recommend you do; she offers different ability levels, focused training for each area of the body and motivational stuff too!

Just thought I’d share.

Have a great day!

Anna x

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