Morning Peeps!

It’s the last day of term! Woohoo! Happy holidays Peeps!

Today is special for another reason though: 17 years ago today I had my first date with the lovely Mr.B!!

That’s like half of my life: Every day from now on I’ve been with him longer than I’ve been without him!

I literally can’t imagine life without him; I’ve never lived away without him or been on holiday without him or dealt with a problem without him (since leaving my parents’ home obviously).

Marriage needs work and effort and patience (not one of my strong points, I’m sure he’d testify to that!) but the good bits are totally worth the effort! I love the old man even more today than I did then.


Just thought I’d share the fact that we’re getting old 😉 and that a Godly marriage can survive everyday life.

Catch ya later peeps!

Anna x


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