Pizza for Summer!

Howdy Peeps!

I’m always after new pizza recipes, particularly healthier ones. I came across this one from Simply Recipes and just had to share it!

It’s a pizza you can do on a BBQ grill!! It has yummy veggies on it and at the bottom of their page, there are links to a pizza dough recipe and several other topping options!! Oooh, I may be on there for a while…. *drool*.

If you want a basic pizza recipe, then mine is here. In fact, we had it last night with salad…so I know it’s still good, but I’m still going to try all of theirs because “variety is the spice of life!” 🙂

Have fun experimenting Peeps!

Feel free to send me pics and recipes for more pizza toppings or BBQ recipes (via Instagram, Facebook or contact page) and if I feature them you will, of course, be fully credited as the author.

Anna x


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