Jurassic Park and The Lost World Book Review (Part 2)

Hi-de-ho Dino Peeps!

First things first, you may want to read Jurassic Park: Review Part 1 before continuing with this blog.

Ok so you know I love the film franchise…I still don’t know why it’s taken me so long to read the books, so don’t ask me! (silly, silly woman that I am)

I LOVE these books!! More than the films. (Yes I said that.) I am fine with the gory horror aspect, I love the scientific details and the character development is much deeper in the books. The language, the scientific understanding and the gore-factor mean I wouldn’t let a young JP fan read it, but fine for a teen.

JP is a fantastic book and apart from the ending, the film is a fairly accurate (if more family-friendly) portrayal.

Lost World is a whole different kettle of fish! It begins completely differently and, at times, felt like I was reading a completely different story to that of the film….I’d like to see a film version of this book. The whole thing revolves around Isla Sorna, which will please the critics of the film who don’t like the San Diego part.

The bad guys are linked to the first story and make for greater tension (you want to see them get eaten that much more!). There’s one scene involving raptors that I didn’t like (you’ll know when you read it) but other than that I really enjoyed it. A little disappointed with the calmness of the ending but I guess Michael Crichton Wasn’t planning on doing 4 sequels so it didn’t need to be left open-ended.

If you have seen Fallen Kingdom and read the books, you may notice that the character of Sarah Harding was described more like the vet in JWFK than Julianne Moore (who played her in the Lost World film); as much as I love Julianne Moore, this was a nice little link to the latest film that I’m sure was intentional. (Who doesn’t love that vet’s attitude?!)

Speaking of book links to JWFK, I saw an excellent YouTube video on the links only book fans would get: Klayton Fioriti remains my favourite JP YouTuber and for good reason. If you’ve seen the latest film and read the books, you’ll love this video (plot points, so don’t watch if you haven’t read them- fair warning)


So all things considered, I think any JP fan should read the books! Not only are they brilliantly written but they will enhance your enjoyment of the films. 2 weeks of my life well spent. 🙂

I’m heading off to work now but my near future may have to involve some other Michael Crichton books!

Laters Peeps!

Anna x


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