Getting Organised

Morning Saturday Peeps!

It’s been kinda nuts here this week, nothing bad just busy. I’ve forgotten things and we’ve had a couple of less healthy meals because of the chaos. I realised the problem was that I’d stopped writing things down.

The best present I ever had was a family organiser calendar with columns for each person (like this one). I wouldn’t be without one now.

Aside from the calendar I also have my notebooks. I write loads of random things in them from weight loss to expenses to lesson plans. I also didn’t write in those much this week. I tend to write lists for the day/week/month and scribble them out when I’m done. (Need to get back to doing that!)

Mr.B is a lot more organised than me and uses a weekly planner to put set jobs on set days and colour codes them to prioritise.

I guess I’m telling you all this to remind you (and myself) to find a plan that works for you and use it. Feel free to use our ideas or leave a suggestion below to help others get more organised.

Have a good one Peeps!

Anna x


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