Entertainment I’m Enjoying

Hi-de-ho Peeps!

I thought I’d share some ideas for entertainment as there are some TV shows/ Movies/Books I’m loving at the moment:

TV-wise My daughter has discovered Friends, and I don’t object to re-watching it! πŸ˜‰ We’ve also re-watched Downton Abbey and finally seen the last series of Once Upon A Time! (She has my ‘eclectic’ taste.)

I am also a self-confessed Sci-Fi geek and am enjoying the Netflix series Lost In Space, definitely worth a try if you enjoy films like Passengers or Stargate…dysfunctional family get on a ship to start a colony on a new planet, end up on a different planet…you can imagine the rest! It’s got good pace and suspense and an alien or two! (My favourite looks like a modern version of the iconic suit in The Thing!)

As a family, we’ve been watching some funny stuff; Lee Evans live at the O2 was on last night…rude but hilarious. A gentler and somewhat more family-friendly laugh has been ‘celebrity 5 go caravanning’ on Channel 5 (Fridays). Very much one for those who remember the 80’s, but it’s hilarious to watch a former Doctor Who be completely incapable of steering or parking a caravan!

Speaking of vehicles, we had a free month of Amazon Prime and have watched season 2 of Grand Tour (you know, proper Top Gear crew but no longer BBC), which has been fun…something you may not know about us but we have a little petrol-head tendency πŸ˜‰

While having the Prime subscription, we watched a few films too…the teenager has been on at me for ages to watch Woman in Black. We like to do scary/action/disaster type films and she’s been studying this at school, (Also Daniel Radcliffe being an adult- and acting incredibly well- is something worth watching) so we watched that yesterday…V cool! Just the right side of scary and I don’t like possession films and meddling with dark stuff (a lot of nasty films about) but this was just a very clever, suspenseful film.

Finally, on the film and TV front, we bought Peter Rabbit! I love Beatrix Potter but was worried it would be too modern and over-done (especially with a young Mr McGregor) but actually, it was lovely. I was thrilled there was an older Mr McGregor at the beginning (if slightly perplexed by the fact that it was Sam Neill…he will always be Dr Grant in Jurassic Park. End of.)…played really well and convincingly grumpy. May have to review that one!

We will also be going to see The Meg next week (Jason Statham and Prehistoric monsters…yes please!!!) and I will definitely be reviewing that one!! Watch this space.

Book-wise, apart from my Bible Study, I’m thinking I’ll go back to Dickens….I love him and always will! (I would read JP again, but I loaned it to a very special pupil…with a warning to guard it with his life πŸ˜‰ )

If you have any suggestions please add them below…always up for trying new stuff.

Happy viewing Peeps!

Anna x



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