Time Passing Quickly

Afternoon Peeps!

I haven’t blogged this late in the day for ages, I promise it wasn’t intentional for the point I’m going to make, it’s just a seaside town in tourist season!

I’ve just been reminded to appreciate my time and focus on goals and fun and use time wisely. A week ago today we drove a 3-hour round trip to our nearest city for school stuff and such…how has it been a week already?!

A year ago we came back from Tenerife (Pictures here) again…how?!? Two years ago I had my first taster of Creationfest (see Festival Worship! for more details).

Finally, a year ago tomorrow I published this post; Happy Birthday Mr.B!! He is actually another year older tomorrow…again I am amazed at how recent that post seems to me.

So (apart from telling you all that my hubby is getting older 😉 ) I just wanted to remind you -and myself- that time is precious and should be used wisely.

Enjoy your evening Peeps.

Anna x


Photo by Ahmad Ossayli on Unsplash


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