International Youth Day

Morning Peeps! Happy Youth Day! 🙂

I love working with teenagers, they teach me as I teach them. They’ll explain the latest slang/text abbreviation/dance craze without hesitation and tell you exactly what they think/feel about certain things.

We should be encouraging them to speak up more, not telling them to hush. So many young people nowadays suffer from stress, depression and anxiety more than ever.

Telling them they can talk to you (in the tone you say it after they have a Sex Ed lesson) is all very well, but the key is building a relationship so they trust that they can come….even if your fave TV show is on or it’s bedtime or whatever. I’m not just talking to parents here; older siblings, grandparents, Aunts & Uncles, Church Members, Teachers…literally anyone who has a teen or two in their lives…be there for them.

This week coming gives us A-level results (including A/S-level and equivalent qualifications). Next week is GCSE results day. These young people will be stressed, excited, uncertain and a million other emotions too…be gentle with them. Try to cut them some slack with work, don’t add to the pressure and, if they don’t get hat they need, make sure to remind them that there are always ways around it.

So just appreciate the young people in your life this week and support them where you can.

Have a chilled Sunday Peeps 🙂

Anna x


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