The Meg Trailers

Hi-de-hi Peeps!

Tomorrow is A-Level results day, but for me and the teenager, it’s the day we are going to see The Meg.

If somehow you’ve missed the trailers, the film is somewhere between Jaws and Jurassic Park. I was always on the side of the shark in Jaws, I don’t like hunting and animals suffering. As this is a Megalodon in a modern setting it’s kinda detached from that feeling because we know it’s fake….although I still don’t wanna see animals suffer.

The main shark-chaser is Jason Statham, which both perplexes and amuses me. I don’t want someone I like to be the hunter, but at the same time, his dry wit suggests a tongue-in-cheek approach to a shark movie. 🙂 (Evidenced by the music in the first trailer.)

So I’ll let you know what I think, but for now here are the trailers for you to enjoy…

The funny one…


And the slightly more serious one:


Catch ya laters Peeps!

Anna x


One thought on “The Meg Trailers

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