How-do Saturday Peeps!

I’ve had an interesting week and actually had a few days off! Hurrah!

Y’all know I went to see The Meg on Thursday with my fab daughter. This is rapidly becoming a tradition for us; we go to the movies together a couple of times per year to see the least girly films possible (not intentionally, we just both like action/sci-fi/fantasy).

Well, yesterday poor Mr.B had to go into work, so the teenager and I had some time to kill at home together. Our default plans are usually Netflix or Monopoly. So yesterday consisted of Mikado, Travel-sized Battleships, Disney Monopoly (which is still unfinished on the coffee table) and binge-watching season 6 of Friends. 😉

All these traditional games made me wonder how many people still play them (physical board games, not computer versions)… Do you still play proper games, if so which ones?

My dad taught me how to play all those games (obviously that was original Monopoly and not one of the 4 we have now…still need to collect more!) and those memories still make me smile, so I hope my daughter will remember yesterday and smile.

Speaking of memorable traditions…today is carnival day! We’ll be heading out later to watch the procession and have some fun. I remember so many from my childhood and still love them today…there’s a real sense of community, we support local charities by donating to the collection buckets and generally act like tourists for the evening! The big question is always ‘will the weather hold off?’ so I hope it does, but it won’t stop me going if it does rain…those are fun too!

Please share your traditions and family fun ideas below, I’d love to read them….does anyone else share my Monopoly obsession?

Enjoy your Saturday whatever you do.

Anna x


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