Results Day!

Morning Thursday Peeps!

So it’s GCSE results day… and BTEC and NVQs and several other types of courses!!

Good luck/well done (depending on which side of getting results you’re reading this)! 🙂

So here are some practical tips for what to do next:

1) Firstly, tell all your nearest and dearest…enjoy the praise, you deserve it!

2) Check what you need for your next step; whether it’s a job or higher education, (by HE I mean anything in a 6th Form/ 16-19 range) remind yourself what they require.

3) Talk to them (probably they told you how this works when you were interviewed) they will either get hold of you or you will have been asked to confirm your grades. Even if they’re supposed to contact you, if you haven’t heard by the middle of next week, contact them. (Even if they have sent you a letter or something, it shows you’re keen and think for yourself.)

Remember, even if you haven’t got what the HE place requires, there are clearing options, opportunities for re-sits and possibly an access or parallel course you can do instead. If it’s a job, still let them know…if they see potential, they may be able to work it for you…so don’t assume you’re out of the running!

4) Find out important dates: If you plan to start a course there’s usually an induction day and then a proper starting day for learning. (Again, if they don’t volunteer the information, ask or check out their website.) Same goes for jobs.

5) Get prepared. Make sure you have the commute planned (cost and time) the appropriate clothing and supplies (bag, stationery, etc.).

Enjoy the rest of your summer and good luck in your new adventure!!

Anna x


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