Budgeting for Christmas!

Hellooooo Peeps!

Now is the time for Christmas shopping, it is a mere 4 months away (yesterday).

I’ve been out and about this week getting a few bits for the teenager to return to school. While I was out, I headed to B&M for some bits and the Card Factory (to buy some Exam Congrats cards for some brilliant teenagers I know who have just passed their GCSEs!)- both of these shops have gift bags and small wrapping items out! Card Factory have beautiful, hand-finished cards in multi-packs for 99p and £1.99!! Come December these could easily double in price!

Also, it’s Bank Holiday Monday tomorrow, so if you want to make big purchases (like electricals) there will be sales…the last bank holiday before Christmas (and the last big sales until black Friday stuff).

From now until probably early October, there will be end-of-season selling. So if you want to buy summer stuff as gifts, it’s bargain time!

The shops that sell clothes, sea-themed gifts and toys will all have a summer section; t-shirts, beach items, outdoor toys…all of these will be reduced in price to get rid of as many as possible before they put the stock away until Easter.

So all in all a great time to bargain shop. Just a word of caution though; set yourself an affordable budget before going so you don’t go nuts.

Happy bargain-hunting peeps!

Anna x


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