Caprese Salad…My Way

Hellooooooo Peeps!

First things first….it’s 16 weeks til CHRISTMAS!!!! 🙂 There. I’ve got it out of my system….shall we move on?

I wouldn’t exactly call this a recipe post (it requires 4 cold ingredients arranged on a plate) but I thought I would share my version.

Caprese Salad usually contains Mozzarella, Tomatoes and Basil (layered) with a Balsamic dressing. (Example here.) But I am not a huge fan of Basil.

I love a good salad leaf mix so I used Iceberg Lettuce and Baby Spinach as a base and arranged my Tomato and Mozzarella on top. 🙂 Much better.

I should mention this was not used as a starter or main dish, so Mr.B and I split it and had an omelette each with our salad.

It’s high protein, low carb…which is what I’m working towards. It is also very cheap: We used less than half our salad leaves and 1 large tomato- so under £1’s worth, Sainsbury’s own Mozzarella at 50-60p and their balsamic dressing (with rapeseed oil in) which was £1.75 but the amount I used means that bottle will probably last me the rest of this year!

So try a Caprese salad to change it up a bit from the regular garden stuff. It doesn’t matter if it’s my way, the traditional way or your own version, it’s yummy, filling, low-carb and cheap!

Happy munching Peeps!

Anna x



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