The Hunger Games: Book Review

How-do Peeps!

I’ve just finished The Hunger Games trilogy so thought I’d share my feelings on them.

I know they have produced a really popular film series but I’ve not seen them to compare, so this is purely book-based…because, let’s be honest, the book is always better.

For those who don’t know, the stories are set in a dystopian future where what is left of America is ruled by a twisted man and he basically picks 2 teenagers from each district and puts them into gladiatorial battles against each other, but our heroes don’t play his way.

There are some really graphic battles in it, some really clever plot twists and scientific ideas that make it gripping and a little edgy to read… I wouldn’t want it to be more disturbing that’s for sure!

It is brilliantly written, with almost every chapter ending of a cliffhanger that begs you to read on. There are intense emotions and situations that you just need to see resolved! The graphic descriptions really bring the plot to life but definitely means the younger readers should steer clear.

I’m not the type of reader who reads murder/horror plots (I’m a bit of a wimp) but I like the dystopian stories… if you like The Giver or The Island then you’ll enjoy these.

The most disturbing part is the ‘mutts’ they send after the heroes, genetically engineered mutations that are so brilliantly penned you can’t un-see them. They are totally essential to the plot as they kill more than one key character, but still the hardest part to deal with.

There are loads of really heart-breaking bits…but that to me makes a good book as it shows you’ve been drawn in emotionally. There’s also comedy and romance and the battle with corrupt authority that underpins it all. Such a good plot.

I was concerned when I read the ending of the last book….without giving spoilers, it did not go how I expect it to and I was ready to throw it out…then I read the epilogue: Complete faith in the author restored!

A great read, that compels you to read on. Memorable characters, an intense plot and exceptional writing make it a great, if slightly violent, read.

The hardest part of all is what to read following that!


Have a great day….and keep reading!

Anna x






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