Planning Christmas (…or any other big celebration)

Howdy Peeps!

We’re down to double figures!! It’s a mere 99 days until Christmas!! (YAY! 🙂 🙂 🙂 )

We’ve always been on a tight budget and a large circle of family and friends to visit and buy for, so we’ve got to be organised!

I’m thinking Christmas, but these tips can be applied to any celebration.

What I’m doing now (3 months before):

  • Sound out the people you want to see. There don’t need to be firm plans yet, but an idea of where you’re having Christmas dinner and who’s coming would be a good start! Also, we have friends who go away to stay with family, so they’ll need their prezzies the week before. You can firm up plans later on, just get an idea.
  • Think postage: Firstly, if you’re posting abroad, check your dates. Secondly, check maximum parcel sizes and weights (this can help you with present choosing). Also, think ahead to cards…you can either save up stamps or save money and buy in bulk. Many people send online messages instead, but I like to do cards and probably only post about 20, the rest are hand-delivered.
  • Make a list…Or three. I have a list of all the people I buy for, ideas written next to names and space to tick it off or write down what I actually bought. This is a good time to prioritise who to buy for first (like the ones for posting, children first or any other order you deem fit). I also have a list of non-present things to get (food and sweets, decor, clothes etc). Lastly- not that I’ve done it yet- a list of cards to write. Plan for any homemade gifts/craft projects.
  • Either save up or start buying….or both. You can save for a big shopping trip or buy a bit each week. In truth, I do a bit of both. My lovely daughter and I have started the tradition of going to the huge Christmas fair at Exeter every year so I save up for that and get a few prezzies there for our immediate family. I’ve also started buying a few small gifts (either token gifts, fillers or small things to group together in a gift bag or basket). Get wrap and cards while they’re cheap (if you haven’t done so already).

So this is how it goes so far. As we get closer I’ll share the next stages with you. Try not to look at it as a chore, it’s part of the fun; put a movie or some Christmas music on and go for it! (I’m currently listening to Mud’s Lonely This Christmas if you’re wondering.)

Happy Planning Festive Peeps!

Anna x



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