Happy Birthday Mr Smith!

Howdy Peeps!

Please join me in wishing the fresh prince a happy 50th birthday!! (Yes he really is 50 today 😲)

I loved fresh prince in my tween years and adored (still adore) Independence day… let’s be honest I’m a huge sci-fi nerd and this was definitely on the lighter side but Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum on the same screen….😍

Then the Willenium album with men in black songs on as I left school and, more recently, the heartbreaking Persuit of Happyness…I’ve just grown up with him and I love him.

Most of all adult fans should love his social media posts as they’re so thoughtful, inspiring and challenging.

So respect to the legend (see what I did there) on his special day.

Have a good one peeps!

Anna x


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