More Christmas Budgeting

Morning Peepy-Peeps ☺

I watched Martin Lewis’ Christmas money show last night and it was brilliant!

This is my 8th debt-free Christmas and I thought I knew all the tricks, but he gives some great advice and a beautiful speech about over-commercialization. Pay special attention to the Christmas crackers section too as there are some awesome online tools in there (like a website that tracks price trends!

It’s on ITV player for a month (until the next show). So I recommend watching it now and scribbling down the advice so you can plan Christmas (if you haven’t done so already).

1 last thing; I don’t agree with getting a credit card but if you have the discipline to do what Martin recommends, then that’s your choice…I know I just wouldn’t have enough self-control if I went back.

Happy scrolling Christmas fans!

Anna x


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