Crazy Week/Entertainment Thoughts

Hello Peeps,

My name is Anna and I’m a lousy daily blogger.

I’m so sorry, I keep trying to adjust my routine and things keep changing! Let me tell you about it…

This week Mr B sadly lost an Auntie, we’re glad she’s no longer suffering but still sad for the family.

If you follow my Instagram you’ll know I’ve been nursing a very poorly cat. She had a bad fight and the old girl is warm and comfortable but I’m not sure she’s out of the risky zone yet.

Work has also been crazy this week with extra one day and cancellations another day.

On to better news; I had a lovely day off yesterday and went for an Autumn walk with my daughter (hence the tree photo) collecting twigs and pinecones for Christmas crafts (watch this space).

We also spent some time just chilling and watching the Disney movie channel. Which brings me on to my main theme of today:

Point 1: Advert for Mary Poppins Returns shows not just Emily Blunt and Dick Van Dyke but a whole list of movie royalty! I was thrilled to see Angela Landsbury in a cameo role. She, like Van Dyke, has been in many a family film and several Disney roles. They have something else in common too….they will both be 93 between now and Christmas!!!! (And still working!) God bless them 😍

Point 2: Watched brave and had the ‘modern princesses don’t need rescuing’ discussion. Also, when near mumma takes on the other near to save her daughter you can almost hear the mums watching cheering her on… I commented that it was like Julie Walters saving her on-screen daughter in Harry Potter (if you’ve seen it, you know) and then the credits showed Julie was the voice of the witch!! How did I not know this?!? Love it! Love Julie.

Point 3: After Brave came Wall-E. Possibly the best modern Disney love story…and somehow you fall in love with them despite the fact there is no dialogue or text explanation for the first 15-20minutes and then they only say 3 words! But that’s not my point…..

My point is about Mary and John, the people Wall-e bumps into and Eve saves. Today is not the day to go into the scarily unhealthy future they present, rather I’d like to draw your attention to their voices. Any Pixar fan will know that their good luck charm John Ratzenberger voiced John, but Mary is the one that excites me… voiced by the very underrated Kathy Najimy.

Unless you’re a King of the Hill fan, you may not know the name but I can almost guarantee you’ve seen her, especially if you lived through the 90s! She is the eternally optimistic nun in Sister Act, she’s the 3rd witch in Hocus Pocus (along with Bette Midler and SJP) and started alongside Joanna Lumley as the evil aunts in James and the Giant Peach, to name but a few.

Looking her up she also shares a birthday with my daughter so I love her even more now 😉

So Kathy we salute you!

Have a great Sunday Peeps

Anna x


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