Parenting Givers

Howdy Peeps!

I’ve been thinking about what Martin Lewis said about people expecting too much and feeling pressured to spend too much at Christmas.

We have always tried to show our daughter the value of giving…even if it’s a token gift or handmade item; cost doesn’t matter, thoughtfulness does.

She knew from a very young age that we buy for lots of people at Christmas so there’s a budget for her and bigger things have to wait for her birthday.

(Without spoiling the magic, Santa had similar rules for size/price as he has a lot of people to get gifts for too!)

She’s learned to give smaller things and to receive them gladly… fun traditions like hot chocolate with all the world on Christmas eve and toothbrushes in stockings make memories, not the latest gadgets.

We’ve always done the shoebox appeal or donated to foodbanks/charity collections so seeing us do it, she’s done it naturally and willingly.

As a small child we made stuff together…in fact we still do; have a look at last year’s snowmen and penguins.

When she was old enough to read the numbers I’d give her a couple of ££ budget for grandparents and us and she’d pick something…an ornament, cuddly toy or sweets. Now she buys or makes her own gifts and I leave it to her excellent judgement.

So she learned to give, but I believe learning to receive well helps too. Saying thank you (even if you don’t like it), understanding people have put money and effort into thinking of her…that way she understood how other people felt and how they would appreciate a really thoughtful gift.

So I encourage you to show them the way.

Have a lovely evening

Anna x


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