No Other Idols Before God

Hello Peeps!

Something my mum said struck me; her pastor had asked the church what they put first, then stated that anything we focus on more than God is an idol….OUCH!

I always used to say we didn’t put money first; we’ve never been a family who wanted designer, flashy stuff and that was my idea of putting money first. However, when we were in debt (or rather coming out of it) I realised that being so close to the breadline made money the thing we thought about most.

So I figured out the money bit, but when mum and I were talking about this sermon the other day I got to thinking…how much time do I spend with God praying/singing/reading the Bible (maybe an hour for all 3?) and how many things do I spend more time on than that…simple answer; more than I thought. Most people would say TV or a hobby or something they do to chill takes more than an hour…me too.

Worse yet, there are things that get me stressed and grumpy…work sometimes (even though I enjoy it), driving sometimes, grocery shopping sometimes…. none of these make me as stressed as I was when we were in debt but still don’t make me think Godly thoughts all the time.

God does not want me to sit on my butt all day praying that he’ll provide for me instead of working, but when I’m at work I can treat people (even the ones who stress me out) as God would want me to. I can send up little prayers of thanks, not massive speeches, just a “Thanks for that God” or “please help X God” instead of getting frustrated.

It’s hard. But God says that’s OK. We try, he helps, we get there eventually…we are still a work in progress.

Thank You God that this isn’t the end of my growth!

Have a great day remembering your blessings!

Anna x



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