Autumn/Fall Recipes

Hi-de-hi Peeps!

On this cold, grey day I thought it was a good time to share some warm and hearty recipes… please feel free to add your own below too! 🙂

Cold weather instantly makes me crave Root Veg Stew…preferably with a big hunk of bread to dip in. 😉

Stew a bit heavy for you? How about Minestrone Soup? (Still tempted by the big chunk of bread…)

My family would want me to include their fave, my Simple Chicken Pie. (No bread required, there is pastry).

Fan of the stock pot/slow cooker? Try Slow Cooker Hotpot! or Slow Cooker Gammon with roast potatoes. Great for busy peeps.

Ready for something sweet? Surely it has to be Apple Crumble (or pie, but apple flavoured something!) with a nice hot custard. This can be really cheap to do as many people give away apples or sell surplus really cheap. The other ingredients are flour, sugar and butter…probably already sat in your house. I very rarely make custard from scratch because the tins and cartons are only around 50p, which is usually the only part I buy specifically: Bargain!

So what are your fave warming dishes for this time of year?

Happy Munching!

Anna x


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