How Do You Budget For Christmas?

Happy Wednesday Lovely Peeps!

I’m going to talk about 3 of my favourite things; Christmas, Planning and Maths 🙂 (I guess that makes Christmas seem more appealing to most of you LOL…I’m a nerd and I own it!)

Step 1: Start now- whether you’re reading this in October or January, start ASAP to minimise the stress.

Step 2: Make lists- of cards, gifts and other stuff to buy (like food and outfits)

Step 3: Give each list/item a budget. A realistic one, not a dream one.

Step 4: Window shop (or browse the web). Get ideas within budget and search for the best price.

Step 5: Prioritise. Who gets the biggest budget? Who can wait until last minute? What can you buy in sales? Can you hand-make anything? (If so, when?)

Step 6: Start saving or buying. Depending on whether you’re a saver who’ll blitz their shopping (like I used to with my Park savings vouchers) or you’re like I am now and buy a bit each time you shop on an ‘as-and-when I see it’ basis.

Example: I buy cards and wrap in January sales or August/September when stores put out last year’s stock. I prioritize kids, then immediate family (parents, in-laws, grandparents)  then other family and friends (in order of when we’ll see them or have to post stuff) and our prezzies last.

Obviously, my baby girl is my priority but I often buy small bits as I go and have several ideas for a ‘main’ present depending on budget/her changing her mind or buying it herself or someone buying it for her. I say ‘main’ please don’t think she gets tons of stuff… she gets one main present and a couple of little things like a book, jar candle or a phone case…usually £50-70 total, really big things wait for birthdays. Advent calendar fillers and things Santa brings are dealt with already by buying one or two at a time.

I know a lot of people work to this principle (I guess I kinda do too, without ever realizing):


Keep it simple and plan ahead, it’s not too late to start this year!

Happy bargain-hunting Peeps!




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