Christmas Crafts Part 1

Helloooo Monday Peeps!

As it’s a mere 10 weeks until Christmas 😊🎉🎄🎅 I thought I’d share these cheap and simple crafts with you…

The tree on the left is made entirely of buttons hot-glued to some thin card. You arrange green buttons or beads in a triangle and add a yellow one to the top for a star and a brown one for the trunk. These can be used for greetings cards, gift tags and present toppers.

Using more stuff from around the house, we wrapped an old mayonnaise jar with twine (hot glued to the jar so it doesn’t come off) and glued on some pinecones collected 2 weeks ago.

Anyhoo, the pompom (from a £1 shop bag of red, white and green ones) was a last minute addition to cover up the glue escapin from under the pinecones (apparently it could get through the gaps in the cone 😕) but I like it. I considered red like a berry but I thought white is more neutral to go with any decor.

It can be filled with sweets, tealight candles, manicure stuff or a gift card…the possibilities are endless.

Hope that got you started if you haven’t already…watch this space for more to come!

Happy crafting!!

Anna x


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