Christmas Crafts take 2

Howdy Peeps!

2 months to go!! 😊🎉🎈🎁🎄

I’m very excited now, not least because I spent yesterday afternoon crafting and wrapping.

Here’s an easy one you can do with the kids (or not if you want to craft in peace 😉)

This is a simple felt tree with buttons sewn on for decorations.

I folded the felt in half and cut the tree so it would be symmetrical.

I chose a large wooden button for the trunk and a gold-coloured one for the topper.

I then chose several coloured buttons and arranged them on the tree before sewing.

Tip: when you remove loose buttons (to pick up the tree and sew) lay them out in the same pattern on table, then you don’t have to keep re-checking their positions.

Lastly I added a loop of ribbon to the back so the tree can hang as a decoration or present-topper.

There are lost of variations in colour and size and style. You could glue beads or sequins on if you don’t fancy needlework.

Happy crafting peeps ☺

Anna x


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