Back into the Groove?

Howdy Peeps!

This half term week has gone so fast! Anyone else feel like time is whizzing by?

So I’m trying to cleasr the post-holiday fog and get back into things; little things like work routine, blogging, exercising, keeping my house tidy (much harder when everyone’s off school and work!)

These seem like really big things, but actually they don’t matter.

Yes, I have to do them at some point and I need to organize my time better, but that shouldn’t make me frustrated. Instead of worrying about the things I haven’t done this eek I should be appreciating the things I have done.

I’ve spent time with my family; in a caravan, at home watching movies, helping with homework and making poppies (for remembrance day) and preparing for Christmas! Definitely not a waste of time if you ask me.

The issue is attitude: I need to be positive about the chill time and focussed on the sensible stuff…I’m a work in progress, how about you?

Have a great weekend! (And make sure you fit in the fun stuff!)

Anna c

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