Christmas Brain Faith

Hi de ho Peeps!

In the Muppet Christmas Carol the ghost of Christmas present says he is absent-minded because his “mind is full of the here and now, and the now is Christmas!”

Literally my brain right now. 😂 (Craft posts to follow later.)

I had 2 blog posts in mind at the start of this week and they’ve both left my head. But I know one was a Faith post, so that’s what I’m going with today.

At Sunday school this week we were talking about Halloween and some dodgy stuff that goes on around it (like scary clowns and people mucking around with occult stuff they don’t understand). We don’t celebrate it, but can still be affected by silly things some people do.

The important thing as Christians is to protect ourselves spiritually, especially around this time of year.

We talked about the armour of God in Ephesians, the Sword is the only attack item in the armour, it is the Word of God.

So we can speak the Word over a situation to help resolve it. But there’s more…

In John’s gospel we are told Jesus is the Word of God, so we can declare things (like protection prayers) in His name.

Most importantly, He’s done the main battle for us and saved us!

So please pray for people to be safe tonight (and generally throughout the year) because there’s power in your prayers.

Have a great day.

Anna x


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