Festive Food Planning and Budgeting

Afternoon Festive Peeps!

Have you thought about your Christmas food yet? I know the supermarkets and local suppliers are advertising for orders.

As part of my pre-Christmas spring clean I always clear out the pantry and defrost the freezer (no it doesn’t do it itself, we bought that thing when we got married!) By doing this I can see what I have and what I need and clears space for the goodies to come!

Now is a good time to get chocolatey things, snacks (like nuts and Cheeselets)  and freezable items. I’m sure you’ve all seen the big tubs of Quality Street and Celebrations on sale in literally every supermarket. Terry’s Chocolate oranges are a firm favourite in our family but they can cost up to £3!! There’s always somewhere selling them for £1 at this time of year though, so snap them up before they hike the prices up.

Y’all know I shop (mostly) in Sainsbury’s and I’ve seen that they have a certain type of chocolate coins for only 60p right now. Better yet, the huge tubs of Cadbury’s hot chocolate are currently £2 so I snapped one of those up today. This is a really good thing for me as the teenager and I will make a chocolate yule log every year and it uses a lot of hot chocolate! (Totally worth it though!…will show you when we get there.)

In fact, any non-perishable ingredients are a good idea to buy now before the chaos begins. We also always have staples like beans and soup and cereal, especially in the winter in case there is bad weather or a power cut. (Also good to have light, easy meals for before and after the feasting!)

Freezer-wise, now is the time to get in the party food (spring rolls are my weakness, I may need 2 boxes….) frozen desserts and processed meats.

I also try to stock some dairy, (like milk, butter and clotted cream) in the freezer too as those things are near impossible to find a day or two before Christmas, I will buy fresh too if I can find it but the freezer supply means we won’t run out- it can always be used after Christmas if it’s not needed.

An obvious added bonus of this early stock gathering is that it spreads the cost too! 🙂

So basically, see what you need, shop the sales and stock up.

Happy shopping!

Anna x


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