Choose Your Battles

Hey-ho Monday Peeps!

The title of this blog is good advice generally, but today it’s specifically about parenting.

I was asked by a friend recently how to get her 10 year old to wash and brush teeth willingly. I remember that pre-teen phase, my daughter and many of her friends were the same (typically 8-12 year olds….I promise they grow out of it).

My advice to her was to tackle one thing at a time, then neither of them gets frustrated with the other. If she decides teeth are most important then just make sure he does them this week, then add the other things when he’s ready.

When she got to dealing with his hair, she bought him some styling product and a new comb…another great idea (I’m not against an appropriate bit of bribery….I mean ‘incentive’ 😉 ) It worked.

Also, give them plenty of time to do it so rushing isn’t a factor in your/their stress.

So I just thought I’d share that to save anyone who’s dealing with these things a bit of before school hassle.

Good luck.

Anna x


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