Festive Round-Up

Howdy Festive Peeps!

Christmas is a mere 5 weeks away!!! (Good excuse to watch Love Actually as that’s the first date on screen….I digress.)

In light of that rather exciting fact I thought I’d share a few festive ideas I’ve seen from other bloggers; some will be food and some won’t so this isn’t your typical round-up, but it’s fun right?

A lot of this stuff can be for thanksgiving too, just because I don’t celebrate it here in England, doesn’t mean you only have to use this for Christmas.

Valley Vegetarian posted this recipe for a Onion Condiment to add to your roast dinner.

Local Farm OK shared their fave Thanksgiving recipes and I’m totally stealing at least 2 of them for Christmas!

Andrea at Cooking With A Wallflower Has 2 lovely posts for festive food and drink; her fave thanksgiving recipes and a yummy Pomegranate and Vodka drink…Andrea you’re talking my language! 🙂

I’m a huge fan of spiced nuts, I already want to make Pioneer Woman’s ones, but these herby ones from Simply Recipes would be great to have on hand for guests too (yeah…guests….totally not going to eat them all myself LOL)

OK on to the non food stuff: This great article from Little Dove Blog is about a kid-friendly tree for little ones, another on a Christ-centred Christmas and last, but by no means least, Justine did this post about gifts that support great causes! Give the girl a medal…best Christmas blogs I’ve seen so far!

Jenny over at This Tiny Blue House is another one with multiple Christmas posts (Love ya Jenny!) including advent and craft ideas, but my current fave is this wrapping ideas post. ❤ ❤

I think I’ll leave you to digest all that for now, but rest assured there are more festive posts to come!

Have a great Tuesday,

Anna x


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