Christmas Movies

Hellooooooooo Festive Peeps!

Totally didn’t realise until after I’d blogged yesterday (and mentioned Love Actually) but I did this whole movie countdown to Christmas last year. So please go and check that out if you haven’t already…it’ll tell you what we intend to watch this weekend.

On our list we often have one (or more) of the nativity films and The Grinch (Jim Carey version) but both of theseĀ  have new versions this year. I’m excited to see Nativity 4, but wasn’t sure how they could improve on Jim Carey as the Grinch. Having seen an interview with Benedict Cumberbatch I’m slightly more intrigued as it has a few large variations on the original and looks fun. Side note; looking up Benedict’s name I discovered that Pharrell Williams and Angela Lansbury have voice roles too!

So will you be seeing these films? What are your faves? I’d love to hear from you!


Anna x


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