Howdy Peeps!

It’s kinda insane here at the mo and will probably get busier before Christmas. Being totally honest with you, it’s hard to fit everything in and my relationship with God is hard to work on:

Finding time for Bible study, worship, prayer is hard. I usually find time for at least 1 a day but all 3 is pushing it at the mo.

I was talking to a friend from church saying how bad I felt about this and she was so calm about it and said it happens to everybody sometimes and that some seasons in life make it harder than others.

It was a relief to hear someone else say it was OK. I know I’m not losing faith and that I will have to pick up again, but that didn’t stop me worrying about it. Ironically, now I’ve stopped worrying about it I am working on it!

So I want you to know that other people go through it and it’s OK to have seasons of crazy busy-ness (and that worry changes nothing except your stress levels).

The important thing is that you know you should act on it and that you do pick it up again as soon as you can…. just thought one of you might need to hear it like I did a couple of weeks ago.

God bless,

Anna x


One thought on “Busy-ness

  1. Thanks that is really helpful….there is no condemnation in Jesus of course….. but we are far too good at condemning ourselves!!!

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