Christmas Is Coming!

Yo Christmas Peeps!

First things first; 1 MONTH TO GO! Sooooo excited!


Yesterday’s Christmas market was awesome. There were a lot more food and home stalls than last year. I took a set amount of money for certain gifts but I’m seriously considering taking money for those home things next year! They do great discounts for this fair. The best bit though is always travelling there with my daughter; we chat about all sorts of stuff and sing along to Christmas CDs and eat junk and just generally  enjoy each other’s company. 🙂 ❤

Also, I discovered a bargain this week…I watch a lot of YouTube Christmas videos (shocker I know) and they recommended one to me. This lovely girl Mandi (on her channel Sweetly Home) does a great Christmas planner set up and offers a free download of everything in the video! Some great Christmas organising to be had there. So I thought I’d link it here for you:


The best bit is that all of this is just the start and we have 4 more festive weekends to enjoy before the big day!

Enjoy yourselves peeps!

Anna x

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