Christmas Eve

Howdy Festive Peeps!

It’s 4 weeks until Christmas Eve!!!! I’m so excited I feel sick!!!!

I thought I’d share some of our traditions and some tips for you guys 🙂

So first up, our traditions:

We never put prezzies under our tree until Christmas Eve…a lot of people think that’s weird but it’s what I grew up with. It has the advantage of hiding prezzies until the last minute (adding to the excitement and keeping the obvious-shaped ones hidden). It’s also practical with young children and animals who may destroy wrapping. Most importantly, putting it all under the tree on Christmas Eve is the start of our Christmas.

We always do Hot Chocolate and a movie. Okay, if I’m not working it’ll be more than one movie but at least The Muppet Christmas Carol; purely so we can sing along with Kermit’s “one more sleep til Christmas” 😉

We do our own advent calendar (I will show you this year’s when I put it out on Friday, last year’s can be found here, but the Christmas Eve one will always have a “see Mumma” note attached and I give her a bigger thing that day; PJs, a DVD, some activity or a Christmas Eve box. This year she mentioned wanting a Gingerbread House Kit, so that may be her Christmas Eve gift this year.

There is always food prep involved: Cakes to decorate, Slow Cooker Red Cabbage to get going and veg to prep if I’m hosting (not this year!)

Something else that happens Christmas Eve is that Santa comes! So if you grown-ups would like to read it, then this Message From Mrs Claus may help.

Also Crafty Girl’s latest Youtube video offers great small gift ideas, hers are all from Dollar Tree but if You’re in the UK PoundLand, the Works or B&M have comparable items.

If you are one of the thousands of people who will still be wrapping then, this video from one of the teenager’s fave YouTubers will help:

I’ve done the scarf thing, homemade bags and the loo roll and crisp tubes previous years, but I love the diagonal and pull-tab ones!

I hope that inspires you for your wrapping and Christmas Eve activities….what are your traditions?

Much Love,

Anna x

oh and Peeps….4 WEEKS!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂



Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash


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