Christmas Plans and Traditions

Season’s Greetings Peeps!

I’ve seen a lot of YouTubers and bloggers do this type of post and I know I’ve mentioned a few things (like the Christmas market) but this is basically how Christmas goes for us:

We begin by making an advent calendar. At one time I intended to buy a reusable one,,,then we discovered Pinterest! In fact it was finished and put up yesterday:


So we did the brown paper parcels in a bowl last year and the teenager liked the parcels but not the lucky dip style, so we saw some on a photo string on Pinterest and we adapted it (because she has a wall full of stuff already!)

Obviously there are Christmas markets, fairs and late night shopping. 🙂

At some point in December Mr.B will go out with his work colleagues and we get a girls night in with pizza and a movie. Y’all may have noticed we’re Jurassic Park fans and Jurassic World was released the year we moved here so we watched that for our first girls night…I know it’s not girly or festive but it’s our tradition…we may have to watch Fallen Kingdom as well this year! 😉

There’s the church Christmas party and last day of school stuff to enjoy.

There will be a treat-making day before the big delivery day; at some point the week before Christmas (22nd this year) I will go to my home town and deliver prezzies to the wider family who I won’t see over Christmas itself. I LOVE this day and it can be the only time I see some relatives in the year so it’s great to catch up. That is the start of Christmas for me.

Christmas Eve: I did a whole post on this yesterday so I won’t repeat myself, but you can check it out here if you missed it.

The day itself: We used to visit one set of parents on Christmas day and the other on boxing day, but  the last 3 years we’ve all been together (with both sets of parents and my maternal grandparents) so this year my mum is hosting us all…no Christmas Eve veg prep for me! Just one side dish and a chocolate yule log. So lovely to have everyone together.

Boxing Day: We used to kinda do it all again Boxing Day and then go visit my Granny. As I said we all have Christmas together now and Granny is no longer with us so Boxing day was a bit too quiet the first year. Last year though my parents came to us (as we went there Christmas day) and we had a great time playing games and dog walking and eating party/buffet food.  So we’re gonna do it again this year! 🙂

For the first time, this year we’re getting together with dad’s family on the Saturday between Xmas and New Year..before we saw them at Granny’s or on present delivery day or even Christmas itself. Will be nice to see them and just chill and chat without rushing to see other people/prepare food etc. Looking forward to that day now too!


So that’s pretty much Christmas sorted here, what are you all up to for the holidays?

God bless,

Anna x


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