Keeping Going

hi-de-hi Peeps!

I’m so excited for Christmas (did you notice?) that I haven’t felt the need to do the PMA thing, Christmas spirit really does keep me going.

Yesterday I cleaned the oven, fridge freezer and the kitchen cupboards. It felt good to get it done and have space for Christmas stuff (exciting! Some of it will come with my Sainsbury’s delivery tomorrow!) Bonus: It meant I could go through my Christmas cupboard in the dresser and admire the Christmas dishes, cookie cutters and cake decorations. ❤

Today I have a couple of other little jobs to do (after Christmas stuff at toddler group) and I’m lagging a bit. I’m really glad I stayed after tots last week to prepare the 3 Christmas sessions. My motivators to finish kitchen are the fact that it’s nearly Christmas and the excuse to play music loudly for motivation. 😉

What jobs have you got to do before Christmas? What motivates you to do it?

Have a productive Wednesday Peeps!

Anna x


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